Code of Conduct

Being an international operating provider of aftermarket services for the aeronautic industry we perform in accordance with the same basic principles on the market all over the world. Our business code describes these guiding standards on which asscom's business is conducted.

  1. Applicable laws and regulations of national and international validity are of fundamental significance for our operation.
  2. For asscom, respect and protection of human rights, minors, labor protection, health protection, and environmental protection are a moral, social, cultural and political imperative.
  3. Confidentiality, trust and mutual respect are a central prerequisite for us for an open, fair and partnership-based cooperation. In addition we strongly speak out against corruption of any kind.
  4. For our customers and partners we believe in creating value. Our commitment is to conduct ourselves and our business professionally and to take pride in whatever we do at all times. Hence we treat our customers and partners in a fair and service-oriented manner.
  5. We encourage diversity as well as an inclusive and cooperative work environment. Moreover, we strive to support all our responsible employees in their professional and personal development in an atmosphere of trust and reliability. Obeying the rules of human dignity excludes any kind of discrimination whatsoever regarding ethnicity, cultural origin, religion, race, sex, or age.
  6. As a demand on ourselves we consistently take actions for our continuous development in professionalism and efficiency. We will only enter into business relationship with people, companies or institutions that meet the principles of this Code of Conduct.